Motorbike Combi Onepiecer Cowhide black, white and orange

Item number ATB-15310

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Cowhide whole Body Combi, replaceable knee Sliders, removeable Protectors, breathable 

Color: Black, white and orange

+ fluorescent material, guarantees receognizability by other traffic participants

+ Windrepellent, lets the body breath through a Membrane anyway (Breathable)

+ Backprotector reinforcing the head and neck

+ Protectors on both Forearms and shinbones for compürehensive Safety

+ Metal Reinforcements on Shoulders and Elbows

+ Remove- and Replaceable Knee Sliders

+ Trouserlegs can be widened on the end with a zip, helpful to fit Boots

+ Sleeves can also be widened on the end with a zip. allowing to fit gloves more easily

+ Very good stuffing of the trousers, on the bottom and the knees is a special stretch-textile for optimal fitting

+ Designed and Produced by German Wear