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Welvome to German Wear Wholesale and Resellers Shop.

Here you can buy as Reseller a big varaity of Motorcyle Fashion, Traditional costume fashion, motorbike clothing, leather shoes, traditional costumes & motorbike biker sports such as leather trousers, dirndls, traditional shirts, motorbike jackets, motorbike trousers, boots, leather jackets, gloves, jerseys, football buy cheap.

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Wholesale Discount Offers

  • 2% Discount from 500€ Cart value
  • 3% Discount from 1000€ Cart value
  • 5% Discount from 2000€ Cart value
  • 6% Discount from 6000€ Cart value
  • 8% Discount from 10.000€ Cart value
  • 10% to 12% Discound on Preorders** from 20.000€ Cart value

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Informations for Resellers and Wholesale buyers

Dear wholesalers and resellers,

 we are very pleased that you have found your way to our website. We are also happy to present offers specially tailored to the trade for you, which you can obtain directly from us.

 We are manufacturers ourselves and can therefore also directly produce larger quantities of goods at unbelievable prices.

 If you are interested in our goods, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at the eMail address support [at]

 In order to be able to send you a wholesale list with fantastic prices, we will then need the following documents or information from you:

  1. a copy of your business registration by mail, fax or eMail
  2. or your sales tax identification number
  3. a short info about your business (possibly with a link to your website)
  4. your billing address (if you are interested in placing orders)
  5. and a contact person of your company with all relevant contact details

As soon as we have all the information from you, we will send you our price list and include you in our system as a wholesaler, which will make the next purchase easier for you and also for us.

A customer account especially for you will then be created and we will provide you with the appropriate access data. From this customer account you can independently place orders at wholesale prices. Alternatively, you can use the account as a quotation portal, put together an order and send it to us by email, fax or telephone.

Articles that are marked as not available in the customer account area can be specially manufactured for you.

Product design & creation of all types of clothing

In addition to manufacturing, we also offer our customers product design, designing and design drafts. The designs can be used for private or business purposes. You get all this as PDF or images with all the necessary values that the production has to take into account.

**German Wear own brand goods, seasonal goods excluded. Mode of payment: 50% down payment, 50% before delivery.